A big change of cloud computing in 2021 you have to know

22.09.2020 Saudi Poster

1. There will be a big development in both services and solutions of cloud computing

It is clear that the number of cloud services and solutions is on their way of rising due to the growth of cloud computing.

According to predictions, the solution Software as a Service in which users will follow a subscription basis will experience a rise by 20 percent within the next two years. Moreover, Google Apps, Salesforce and some other cloud providers willl keep on being the biggest cloud market that attracts a lot of users.

On the other hand, the solution Platform as a Service would develop the most quickly among cloud platforms. More precisely, it would increase from only 32 percent in 2017 to more than 50 percent in the next year. In terms of reason, the solutions of this kind offer clients a kind of platform which will help them customize and control their apps in a simple way instead of setting up and managing the structure by themselves.

The last solution Infrastructure as a Service which is designed to come with virtualized computing resources is also predicted to increase in this year. According to research, Amazon will remain the largest market in this solution with their Amazon Web Services and of course, it is a competitive rival of Microsoft Azure as well as Google Compute Engine.

To sum up, 2019 will witness the improvement of everything related to cloud computing, from the number of customers adopting the services and also the number of cloud services.

2. Another trend occurred with hybrid cloud solutions

First and foremost, it is the connection between cloud and cloud. According to some customers, they are not really interested in being stuck to only one cloud vendor. This is the reason why a lot of cloud vendors are now seeking for methods to connect various solutions together. The most common way is to open up APIs, which is suitable for syncing multi-disciplinary process and data control as well as linking systems and tools together easily.

Secondly, some other customers will continue maintain their current on premise solutions while also making use of cloud solutions so that they can personalize their own services to meet the need of their companies.

Explaining this trend, there are some core reasons. Despite of the fact that some security methods are suitable for the cloud services, on-premise ones are still a good choice for network safety as customers have to manage the data flow. What is more, the most obvious cause is the cost and the return in terms of investment. If a company spends all their money on cloud management, it would be really expensive and take time.

3. Cloud storage and its appliances

First of all, as you can see, cloud storage is now becoming less expensive than before. It is the relation of supply and demand that makes the price decreases. There is a lower demand while the supply is so high. Nevertheless, cloud storage experiences both significant supply and really high demand as well. As a result, cloud storage has a reasonable cost and is even free (some cloud vendors) for providers to widen their market and gather precious data of users.

Moreover, customers now do not want to take advantage of expensive, slow and vulnerable old cloud storage so they have made a move to crowdsourced storage. This solution will only demand a low cost while offering customers with a wide variety of cloud advantages.

Moving to the next term: crowd sourced data. Nowadays, cloud customers are fond of such solutions as Google and Amazon, which provide them with free crowdsource data for big data as well as AI apps.

Another important factor is cost containment. It is vital that cost containment will help maintain a low cost and the cost is suitably spent on necessary expenses. By this way, customers can easily reach their financial goals. It is worth making an investment in cloud computing, which will assist in reducing infrastructure expenditures while increasing the productivity.

Finally, there is also a big competition between Google and Amazon, which are the two largest vendors, when it comes to price. The price varies in order to offer customers the cheapest service as well as to dominate the market.

4. The security problems with cloud services

The more cloud services rise, the bigger security issues will occur. According to studies, the number of data breaches in the United States has experienced a big leap of about 30 percent compared to 2016. And it is also predicted to rise by 37 percent in this year.

It is obvious that safety and security has always been a big problem in terms of technology. And cloud services are also facing with those issues. As you may have known, the data breach will make a lot of sensitive information of users be exposed to dangerous situations. More precisely, a lot of important information like credit card numbers or identity card number would be taken by attackers and fake users. More seriously, the lost information of bank accounts will also lead customers to many problematical situations.

Currently, the big vendor Google is taking some effective methods for increasing their safety and security with two – step verification process. More precisely, each customer will receive a code to their mobile phone apart from their own password to make sure that their account is successfully secure.

For Gartner, the cost spent to gain the security for worldwide information would reach more than 90 billion dollars in this year in comparison with 2017. Last but not least, security problems will become more serious in the future so that users can witness more companies providing new options designed for cloud safety.

In addition, companies also have to move into a new operating model to make the most out of cloud. Every factor from speed to automation should be taken into account in order to take unexpected problems away.

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A big change of cloud computing in 2021 you have to know

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