How cloud technology is changed in 2021

27.09.2020 Saudi Poster

It is obvious that cloud computing development is accelerating so fast as you can witness a lot of trends and technologies coming to the market. In the previous year, the predictions were around serverless, Kubernetes with its strong momentum and the three biggest providers who would keep on dominating the market.

Currently, the prediction seems to be rather true in this year. Nevertheless, serverless is appearing in more conversations yet not deployed too much. And continuously, Microsoft and Google are making their first leaps to dominate the market this year. In 2019, we may not see too many changes in serverless or Kubernetes but two aspects will gradually increase while companies still seek for methods to take advantage of new innovations in working.

In the blog post about cloud predictions in 2019, an analyst from Forrester mentioned 2019 as the year of cloud adoption. In other words, there will be more and more companies starting to adopt cloud in order to move towards digital transformation. According to a report, 2019 is the year of cloud computing, which is going to be the best way for turning ideas into useful software and insights.

The industry of technology is really huge, with many technologies respectively turning up day by day. In this year, the cloud computing market is expected to grow by 200 billion dollars and this number is more than 20% compared to 2018.

This article is going to present some of the most prominent predictions of cloud computing technology in 2019 as well as its providers.

1. About hybrid cloud

Last November, Amazon Web Services released its Outposts and claimed that they are expecting to get more hybrid cloud, which is friendly to users owning apps managed in their own data centers due to some reasons. They hope to have an environment with high level of flexibility to deal with issues more effectively. It is predicted that Amazon Web Services is going to offer users a truly hybrid cloud with various functions and high value, which is expected by many IT users and engineer teams.

As a result, Amazon Web Services will be closer to Azure, which is a hybrid cloud using Azure Stack. Moreover, Google also confirms to provide their customers with a lot of different tools in order to expand their apps to the cloud such as Kubernetes Engine as well as Compute Engine. In addition, Stack Driver is being utilized to monitor holistically and Apigee is designed to manage API. Hybrid cloud also takes account of 33 billion dollars of acquisition from Red Hat last October.

According to the CEO of IBM, IBM is expected to be the leading hybrid cloud vendor in the world, which will provide organizations with only open cloud services to help make the most out of cloud for their business operations.

There has been the trend moving towards hybrid cloud as well as the highly increasing demand for offering clients the choice. It is also claimed that the hybrid cloud model is a big difficulty for both public cloud and private cloud providers. In order to prepare for this movement, providers had better make acquisitions for this case. And recently we have witnessed from IBM with Red Hat release. In the future, we are going to see more acquisitions from providers to widen their product provisions.

For the predictions from Forrester, hybrid cloud is going to be a significant market with many demands on it. Currently, about 60 percent of companies located in North America are taking advantage of public cloud services, which is five times higher compared to five years ago. Private clouds are developing so quickly due to the fact that businesses are both moving their workloads to public clouds and setting up secure but powerful clouds within their own private data centers.

Success is evaluated depending on the results of developers as well as their products and services instead of the cost. Companies are going to set up their own private clouds on top of what they store, or set up the clouds on top of less expensive open source apps or set up the private clouds and operate for them. Under the perspective of Gartner, by 2025, nearly 80 percent of companies will transfer their data from the conventional data centers to cloud environment for hosting more effectively.

In addition, IT users will expect to see more products with multi clouds to develop more in this year. The concept multi cloud is being regarded as the major cloud strategy in the year when companies are looking for a solution with higher flexibility to deploy their clouds throughout various departments as well as functionalities.

In spite of the fact that hybrid cloud term has been around many conversations for years, 2019 will witness more and more companies starting to take advantage of hybrid cloud models instead of multi cloud ones.

There are also other factors influencing on adopting hybrid cloud such as data safety or GDPR compliance with the major aim of delivering the most effective performance for the cloud while maintaining a reasonable cost.

2. Google Cloud is going to expand their development path.

Although it is still in the beginning of the play, the CEO of Google is going to capture the chance to make a leap for Google in cloud computing market by making this big provider be able to sell machine more effectively.

To be more specific, through making investment into customer success and sales, Google is expected to lose its old reputation about engineer teams while increasing more trust from companies and users who are looking for something more consistent and reliable from their cloud providers.

Today, the demand is increasing so customers are in need of a higher level of support. Thus, cloud vendors should take it into consideration so that they can provide their clients with the best services. This does not only gain the reputation for them but also help users enjoy the benefits from cloud computing technology wonderfully.

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How cloud technology is changed in 2021

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