The most challenging security problems for big data and cloud technology

26.10.2020 Saudi Poster

Due to the fact that we are developing together with technology, security is what we must focus and be careful. Companies are now just looking at the benefits that cloud offers and moving into it so quickly without any taking any consideration for the security problems. According to Gartner research, 99 percent of problems to IT companies would be caused from only security issues. In the upcoming year, it would be more difficult for small companies to be sure that their data is totally safe.

Entrepreneurs are now migrating much of their big data analytics to public clouds while building more apps for these processes. Together with the development of technology, it is considered that there will be nothing faster than the cyber security problems appearing.

This article is going to present some issues related to digital dangers that 2019 will be witnessed. Now take a look at the most concerned security issues referred to big data and cloud.

1. Ransomware and the Internet of Things

Those who commit the crime are receiving benefits from ransomware, which means encoding the data of someone and then requiring to give the encryption key.

The Information Security Forum, a company making analysis and carrying out research for problems related to security and risk control, believes that in the few next years, cybercriminals will put a high emphasis on ransomware on smart devices which are related to the Internet of Things. What is more, cybercriminals will take advantage of some devices to make payment. Nevertheless, the Information Security Forum supposes that they will make use of those gadgets to introduce ransomware on a wide variety of systems as well as devices via the associations.

These attacks are considered to interrupt the activities of your entrepreneurs as well as the automatic operation. More seriously, they are considered to be able to have impact on even medical information.

In order to deal with the issues related to gadgets, they have to discuss with their customers to have access to safety risks and make sure that the basic security methods are opened and run smoothly at all times.

2. Cyber warfare

In fact, digital problems between countries take place on a daily basis. This is the truly world we are living. At the moment, the problem is not too vulnerable and serious but there is someone taking advantage of it to get profit.

Today, the idea of cyber warfare is very hot, which is being mentioned in many conversations to call for attention from the research community.

To be more specific, the problem is attacking a lot of contractors, entrepreneurs as well as financial companies. This is the reason why cyber safety is so important. You should be aware that someone is about to take your data away for getting profit. More importantly, someone may be taking your data for political gain so that maintaining the security for your information is really vital in this stage of technology development.

What is more, cyber security can be affected for a lot of different reasons such as manipulation or spying via scams. These attacks come with the possibility to destroy the operation of your systems completely, which are being run on the Internet and then end up a mess within a few minutes. In the information source, there may be details used for banking, hospitals and other networks as well.

When it comes to security, peace and human life quality, it is so necessary to learn about the cyber security attacks and find out the most effective solutions to deal with.

Currently, in spite of the fact hacking is not becoming too serious, there is no signal of stop there. The impact of hacking is really disappointing so that we should carry out the intricate methods to cope with the situation.

3. Attacks powered by artificial intelligence

As you may obviously know, artificial intelligence technology is able to understand and adjust the code of data coming from different sources. Thus, mistakes rarely take place. To some extent, the technology means figuring out how to foster the strategies to avoid risks and then receiving the results with a high level of accuracy.

However, artificial intelligence technology together with cyber security problems will generate the digital practices for all companies in this world. According to a research, approximately 85 percent of cyber security professionals from the United States make use of artificial intelligence technology for their cyber security system. And over 90 percent of them are concerned about this technology effects in digital attacks.

What is more, digital assistants activated by voice are on their way of changing everything from banking to even retailers. Nevertheless, no matter what the technology is, they will likely to come with a security problem.

You should stick to your mind that the potential of managing the devices at either office or home will not be ignored by attackers that are aiming to generate malicious code to attack not only the Internet of Things gadgets but also the digital assistants.

4. Fraud mappers are coming into the play

As soon as your big data is collected, it will experience a similar handling. One of the methods to make use there is the Map Reduce. When your information is distributed into various volumes, a mapper will realize them and distribute them to suitable storage options. When someone has access to your code on the mapper, he or she can adjust the settings in your current mappers by adding ‘ALIEN’. As a result, your data handling will then be completely destroyed. Thus, outsiders can have approach to your sensitive data quickly.

As a result, the major problem there is having such approach may not be too troublesome due to the fact that big data improvement does not add any more layer to maintain the security of information.

In general, they will mostly rely on the perimeter safety frameworks. When they are destroyed, your data will become a low hanging product.

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