The most highly recommended hybrid cloud solutions providers

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Today, there are more and more organizations transferring their data to the cloud environment. In the past, they felt very confused about whether to go for private or public cloud solutions. On the contrary, the concern is now being dealt by the introduction of a hybrid cloud strategy.

The major difficulty is that company managers do not know which hybrid cloud solution vendors they should choose. This article may be useful in this case, which includes some of the most highly recommended hybrid cloud vendors. You can take a look before making any important decisions.

1. Microsoft

Microsoft is considered to be the top among many cloud vendors, which provides their customers with a true hybrid cloud solution. Microsoft offers you with three major solutions named as Azure, Windows Server and Microsoft System Center. This big name used to be a giant as a provider for on premises services and now it has proven itself as a competitive player in terms of public cloud.

The reason why Microsoft has been so reputable in offering hybrid cloud solutions is due to its flexibility and integration with the current products.

2. Amazon

Amazon Web Services from Amazon is also an ideal option. Its reputation can be expressed through the huge number of clients using its platform as well as the availability of many tools and offerings.

Generally speaking, Amazon Web Services is famous for its public cloud solutions without any components for a private cloud adoption. Nevertheless, Amazon has now provided its customers with an integrated network through Amazon Virtual Private cloud. Also, with its partnership with some partners, Amazon also released Direct Connect as a part of the solution.

Last but not least, other partners of Amazon offer backup plan and private storage, data integration and many other services.

3. VMware

This company is still rather new to cloud computing technology. Nevertheless, its reputation for virtualization makes it become a competitive player. The way by which you can access hybrid cloud from VMware is totally different from that of Amazon Web Services. More precisely, there are private cloud products together with partner network used to adopt a fully hybrid solution.

Moreover, the private cloud is activated by the vSphere of this company. The public part of the hybrid cloud solutions offered by VMware is called vCloud Air.

4. Google

Google is another competitor of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure when it comes to public cloud solutions. It has been famous for Google cloud Platform. Similar to Amazon Web Service, Google makes use of a deep partner network to support clients to make the most out of its hybrid cloud solutions. However, in this aspect, Google is ranked as the top solution.

What is more, such Google tools as Big Query are very helpful, according to the data ops team. Finally, if Google shares lots of partners which are as same as Amazon Web Services, customers can have more choices in integration.

5. Rackspace

This is another hybrid cloud provider collaborating with a lot of providers and products. Rackspace has always been famous for its infrastructure, which provides users with dedicated data as well as app servers together with more firewalls for more safety.

The hybrid cloud solution of Rackspace makes use of Rack Connect in order to connect the public and private clouds of a company together. Rackspace also comes with VPN bursting and load balancing tools.

6. Hewlett Packard Enterprise

At the end of the year 2015, the company made a big leap in informing the public about its focus on hybrid cloud solutions, instead of only public ones. This provision is named as the Right Mix, in which companies are able to opt for how much their hybrid strategy should be public and how much should be private.

Also, the private cloud solutions offered by HPE also have a powerful base in open technologies with the main assistance from Open Stack. But the company has also partnered with such companies as Amazon and Microsoft to provide more public cloud choices in its hybrid cloud solutions.

7. EMC

The hybrid cloud solution of EMC made a big leap four years ago when the company made decisions to buy the cloud management company called Virtustream with the cost of about 1.2 billion dollars. The two major benefits of EMC are its hyperconvergence as well as plethora of storage offerings. It means that they are an ideal option for businesses that need heavy operations.

When it comes to hyperconvergence, EMC has been famous for its hardware space together with its hardware offerings like VCE VxRack, VxBlock and VBlock solutions.

8. IBM

The hybrid cloud named Blue Mix from IBM is also a highly recommended choice for its open structure. The cloud is designed with the concentration on developer as well as operation approach and other tools from the public cloud. Currently, the company is seeking for methods to take advantage of data more effectively.

IBM also makes use of a product named Relay in order to turn users’ private cloud and public one to be more similar so that the transparency will be improved.

9. Verizon Organization

Many telecom vendors have their own cloud options, which many IT companies do not realize. Verizon Enterprise, a telecom provider, also provides three different cloud models including a hybrid cloud solution. This company has always been famous for their strong product with abilities to recover from disasters as well as offer backup plans. Last but not least, it also has its own cloud market and provides users with an authorized Oracle integration.

10. Fujitsu

The last option but also an effective one in this list is Fujitsu, which is a hybrid cloud vendor constructed on another provider’s offering. This case is similar to Microsoft Azure. Fujitsu Hybrid Cloud Services include the Public S5 cloud from this company which operates on Azure as well as a private one which is run by Microsoft Hyper – V. Everything can be developed either from a client side or inside the data center of Fujitsu.

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The most highly recommended hybrid cloud solutions providers

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